A space designed for human health and well-being


Castellana 81 has initiated the process to obtain WELL Building Standard certification in the Core & Shell category and aims to be the first building in Madrid to meet this standard. This is the first global certification for buildings focusing solely on human health and well-being and is based on seven years of scientific, medical and architectural research.

WELL certification is an innovative system founded by Delos and managed by the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI), set up in 2015. It certifies that the design, construction and operation model of the building addresses health and well-being of persons. It evaluates on site the building’s impacts regarding seven concepts: air, water, light, nourishment, fitness, comfort and mind.


Castellana 81 will apply a series of measures, some of which have already been implemented, in order to meet the requirements of the WELL Standard:

Measures aimed at improving indoor quality:

  • Levels of radon gas in the air far from those considered dangerous for human health. Measurements performed by the Laboratory at the University of Santiago de Compostela and Arup.
  • Control of volatile substances, particles or inorganic gases, as well as any actions required to comply with the limits that guarantee good indoor air quality.
  • Supply of an outdoor air source that guarantees good indoor air quality, compliant with the global ASHRAE 62 and Spanish RITE standards
  • Filtering outdoor air entering the building through F8 filters in the air conditioners.
  • Promotion of healthy habits for occupants and smoke-free building.
  • Use of products with low volatile organic compound (VOC) content inside the building: paint, cladding, adhesives, sealants, furniture and insulation.
  • Good practices in renovation work performed on the building to improve indoor air quality.
  • Good practices in building maintenance to avoid the use of pesticides and other chemical products.

Measures aimed at improving nourishment:

  • Inclusion of areas with healthy food, as well as the promotion of the same over processed foods.

Measures aimed at promoting fitness:

  • Bicycle spaces in car park.
  • Showers and changing rooms provided for users.

Measures aimed at enhancing comfort:

  • Guaranteed accessibility for persons with disabilities, aligned with the Building Technical Code and WELL guide.
  • Outdoor noise levels that meet local regulations and the requirements of the WELL Standard. Measurements performed by Arquilav -Laboratory of Polytechnic University of Madrid- and Arup.
  • HVAC system that provides appropriate levels of comfort for occupants, as verified by the global standard ASHRAE 55.

Measures aimed at improving water quality:

  • Provision of quality drinking water, which complies with the levels required by the local regulations and the WELL Standard.

Measures aimed at improving lighting:

  • Integrating a lighting system that minimises glare at work stations.
  • Access to natural light and direct outside views for 95% of occupants on office floors.

Measures aimed at improving mental well-being:

  • Fostering well-being via signage at the building.
  • Promotion of health awareness and well-being of the occupants at the building.