At the cutting edge of sustainability


Castellana 81 holds Platinum LEED certification for Core & Shell, making it the first and only office building in Paseo de la Castellana to be awarded this distinction. Awarded by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), it is one of the most prestigious international certifications recognizing the sustainable behaviour of buildings.

The renovation has been designed so that the building would attain this certification after completion.This distinction guarantees Castellana 81 as an absolutely cutting edge, sustainable building with the highest standards of well-being and comfort for its tenants.

LEED is the sustainability certification system with the most significant international presence. Its objective is to promote buildings that are respectful towards the environment, economically viable, and comfortable for living and working.


  • SUSTAINABLE LOCATION: with the availability of public transportation, transportation by bicycle, efficient or shared vehicles, and its superb connectivity with the community.
  • EFFICENT WATER CONSUMPTION: the building will obtain a reduction of 42% in sanitary water and running water consumption relative to a comparable property. Additionally, landscaping with native plant species which do not require irrigation is planned.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Castellana 81 will consume 13.5% less energy per year than a conventional building of comparable use and size. The lighting system consumes 50% less. 30 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof to generate electricity, as well as a sanitary hot water production system via 24 solar panels.

    In addition, Castellana 81 will offset the emissions from its electricity consumption with certified Green tags proving that 50% of the energy consumed by the building will be offset in 2 years by investment in Green tags at renewable energy plants.

  • MATERIALS AND RESOURCES: Castellana 81 will feature a 55 m² waste management room and its renovation includes a higher percentage of recycled and regional materials.
  • INDOOR AIR QUALITY: The right levels of outdoor air in all areas of frequent activity. All occupants will have direct control over the HVAC system.
  • THE NATURAL LIGHTING AND ACCES TO VIEWS: 95% of workers will have access to exterior views.
  • REDUCING THE URBAN HEAT ISLAND EFFECT PRODUCED BY THE BUILDING: The roof will be painted white for this purpose, reducing the heat given off by the building and helping to lower its impact on the urban microclimate.