Castellana 81: Delivering the functionality and efficiency that today’s businesses require


Castellana 81 has three water-cooled chillers, each 1,395 Kw, for the production of cold water. The building has central heating with four 450 Kw boilers.

Office floors are equipped with perimetral four-tube fan-coils on the floor, with outside air input regulated by three-way valves. This system allows maximum flexibility in the climate control of the floor, facilitating the fit out preferences of future tenants. Climate control in the indoor areas of the floor is through variable air volume systems, featuring air quality sensors that regulate the input of outside air ventilation based on the quality of indoor air. Therefore, the building interior as a whole offers a comfortable environment.

All floors have a climate controlled rack room via an independent 24-hour circuit, powered by the Network/Group, made up of nine 31.4 Kw coolers, that provide a high level of performance.


The building has a double supply via two medium voltage network connections in addition to an emergency connection via a 1,600 kVA generator.

The office space has access flooring and a room for the rack and electrical panels, climate controlled by the Network/Group.

Lighting is provided by high-performance LED lights with local and remote illumination control.



– Mini-dome cameras in main building access points.

– Magnetic contacts in the building entryways.

– Motion detectors in hallways and access points.

– State-of-the-art access control in the lobby.

– Access control for vehicles in the underground parking via barriers.

– Access control of packages and goods.

The smoke detector system is made up of an analogue central detection system and a series of detectors and modules connected to a smart loop and distributed throughout the building:

– Analogue optical smoke detectors for the environment and suspended office ceilings.

– Analogue optical-thermal detectors for technical floors.

– Analogue optical-thermal detectors for parking levels.

– Temperature sensor cable for raised office floors.

The installation for fire extinguishing includes two 150 m3 water tanks, from which the two pressure groups are supplied by two main pumps, electrical and diesel, and a jockey pump.

An automatic sprinkler system has been designed for all floors, as well as gas extinguishers in the facility rooms. All floors are equipped with bias and dry column. The building also features a PA security system for notifications regarding fire emergencies.


The distribution of telecommunications is realised through an exclusive-use vertical air shaft, and horizontally through its corresponding channels. Additionally, the edifice features broadcasting and digital terrestrial television equipment which allows the following services:

  • Multiple outlets for DTT, Satellite Television.
  • AM and FM Radio.
  • High-speed connectivity (ADSL, RDSI, WIFI, etc.).
  • Multi-user cell phone coverage network.
  • Fibre optic network.
  • Independent 24-hour climate controlled rooms for distribution racks.
  • Raised floor for cable distribution to the work spaces.


The Castellana 81 roof is equipped with 30 photovoltaic panels for the generation of electricity and a sanitary hot water production system via 24 solar panels.