Castellana 81: AIS Certification – 5 stars –


Within the framework of Castellana 81’s commitment to accessibility and a diverse society, the building has obtained the highest AIS grading (Level of Accesibility Hallmark) -5 stars- in the category of unique building built before 2010.

This makes Castellana 81 the first unique office building in Spain to hold the highest level of AIS certification for persons with disabilities, senior citizens and pregnant women.

Created by the Shangri-La Foundation, AIS certification takes into account functional diversity standards, including physical, sensory and cognitive criteria, so that any person, regardless of their condition, can move about the building comfortably and safely.

In November 2017, the building was awarded the 2017 DIGA Accessibility Award by the Shangri-La Foundation.

Renovations implemented at Castellana 81 include physical, sensory and cognitive measures, which have enhanced usability while upholding criteria such as modernity, elegance and the avant-garde, thereby demonstrating that incorporating accessibility is compatible with functionality.


  • Removing architectural barriers in street level access areas.
  • Accommodations and adaptions on access doors.
  • Removing architectural barriers for indoor mobility in communal areas.
  • Accessible toilets.
  • Signage and maps with easily recognizable pictograms and chromatic contrast, touch detection in high relief and/or braille.
  • Foot-touch signage to increase safety and autonomy of visually and cognitively impaired persons.
  • Accessible lifts in terms of size, equipped with visual, audio and touch information.
  • Lifts fitted with accessible devices enabling floor selection via voice synthesizer.
  • Accessible support point in terms of design and facilities.
  • Systems and resources to facilitate communication and information, with magnetic loop.
  • Accessible car park spaces in terms of size, characteristics, location and signage.