A landmark of contemporary Spanish architecture that looks to the future


Castellana 81 is a landmark in Madrid’s modern cityscape and a reference point for contemporary Spanish architecture that now looks to the future as a symbol of sustainability, accessibility and technology.

Gmp, owner of the property, has undertaken its renovation, respecting its uniqueness, exclusivity, and essential architectural attributes, while enhancing, at the same time, its maximum sustainability and comfort as a workplace.

For the first time in its history, it is being offered on the office rental market and is accessible to companies whose caché and notoriety require a unique, emblematic, and efficient building.

Gmp has selected the prestigious Ruiz Barbarin Arquitectos-ARQUIMANIA architecture firm to lead the renovation of Castellana 81. The spirit of the renovation of Castellana 81 is to preserve the essence and singularity of the building whilst also fitting it out with the highest levels of interior comfort to address today’s business needs.

The actions have encompassed an extensive renovation plan of the interior spaces and facilities, as well as taking comprehensive measures to position the building as one of the most sustainable and efficient buildings in the Madrid office market, with significant reductions in energy consumption. Additionally, while the unique nature of its façade will be respected, it is expected that all elements that require ad-hoc actions will undergo restoration.

The renovation will predominantly use recycled materials, of regional origin and with safety and sustainability certificates. Additionally, special attention is given to waste management.


Its 107 metres are distributed over 28 floors dedicated to office space, 5 of which are double-height, transparent, and without pillars.

With an average surface area of 1.338 m², the floors are open around the central core of elevators and services. Therefore, they are noteworthy for their modular ability which allows for a wide variety of ad-hoc, tenant-tailored implementations.

Practicality and convenience are highlighted with the availability of 411 parking spaces – approximately 1 space for every 90m2 – which includes spaces designated for electric vehicles and carpooling. Additionally, the building has 58 spaces for bicycles.



First building in Madrid to hold WELL certification

Castellana 81 is one of a small number of buildings in Spain to have initiated the WELL Building Standard certification process for Core & Shell and aims to be the first building in Madrid to achieve this.  This is the first global certification for buildings focusing solely on human health and well-being and is based on seven years of scientific, medical and architectural research.

WELL certification is an innovative system from the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI), set up in 2015. It certifies that the design, construction and operation model of the building addresses health and well-being of persons. It evaluates on site the building’s impacts regarding seven concepts: air, water, light, fitness, comfort, nourishment and mind.


Castellana 81 will be the first office building in Spain to hold DIGA accessibility certification. It aims to obtain the highest level, five-star, DIGA accessibility for disabled persons, senior citizens and pregnant women.

As part of its commitment to accessibility and social diversity, the building is in the final phase of DIGA (Level of Accessibility Hallmark) accessibility certification, created and awarded by the Shangri-La Foundation.

This certification specifically takes into account functional diversity standards, including physical, sensory and cognitive criteria, so that any person, regardless of their condition, can move about the building based on principles of convenience, safety and usability.  For this purpose, specific actions have been implemented at Castellana 81 that aim to improve the facilities in terms of access, mobility inside the building, signage, elevators and other aspects that affect users and visitors.


The overall composition of the façade fulfils the criteria of combining a fully glassed surface with an extremely solid carpentry, made with “Corten” steel, reinforced with a series of horizontal lines that underline the interior organisation and the uninterrupted character of the floors, without any vertical structures.

“Corten” steel is a material that oxidises on its exterior surface to self-protect its interior, creating a façade with a unique colour and texture that evolves as time goes on and distancing the façade from the coldness of unchanging materials. Sáenz de Oiza was a pioneer in using this material in architecture.

On reaching the ground floor, the façade is freed from structure and hangs without having the support of the floor, as if it were floating, which underlines the independent skin character of the projecting structure of the framework system.


Situated on the ground floor, the magnificent building lobby is a very unique and spacious area, characterised by Sáenz de Oiza’s mark. Its main double-height entrance, through the Paseo de la Castellana 81, is complemented with another entrance through Calle Raimundo Fernández Villaverde. The building reception has one of the top, state-of-the art access systems on the market.

Through the lobby, you can access the auditorium, cafeteria, meeting centre, and elevators which connect to the office floors and parking levels.


Fourteen large-capacity elevators distributed in two groups accommodate vertical communication and transportation within the edifice. 5 of the west wing elevators are accessible from the parking garage and the ground floor up to the 15th floor. A sixth elevator in this wing services the parking level and the ground floor up to the last 5 floors in the building.

These 6 elevators are complemented with 2 others that connect the parking level to the 4th floor and the last 5 floors of the building. 4 elevators in the east wing connect the parking level and the ground floor with the upper level floors, from 15-28. A fifth elevator connects the parking level with the lobby. Additionally, in the west wing, Castellana 81 has a service elevator with direct access to all of the floors from the parking level.